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Curious about our past boxes? We've created this archive so you can wander down memory lane whenever you please!

 (July 2018) This Patriotic box features some of our favorite American tea companies.  Sip and remember the sacrifices our Founding Fathers made when they dumped all that tea in the Boston Harbor, all in the name of 'Life! Liberty! and the Pursuit of Happiness!' 

These teas are accompanied by botanical lollipops from Amborella Organics. Just like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson sowed the seeds of democracy, plant the sticks from these seed-bearing suckers and watch flowers and herbs grow in their place!

(June 2018) Hello summer! Whether you spend your summer days lounging or adventuring there's nothing more satisfying than a cold, refreshing cup of iced tea. We've collected 3 delightful teas, a mint-julep black tea, a peach green tea, and a tropical purple tea to quench your summer thirst.

This month's teas are accompanied by organic, reusable, sustainably grown and made bamboo straws, so you can get your sip on without contributing to the landfills.

(May 2018) Think of this box as spring cleaning for the mind, body and spirit (all caffeine free!) Cultures across the planet have been brewing native, wild plants into healthy brews for the  mind, body, and spirit for millennia. This assortment of teas with rich histories and cherished for centuries as healing herbs pack all the amazing magical properties of the Ecuadorian rainforest, the tropical coasts of Hawaii, and the mediterranean landscape of Greece. Accompanied by 3 mandala coloring pages, get zen while you sip.

(April 2018) Three handpicked teas that feature an array of deliciously drinkable flowers are our Ode to Springtime Joy! Accompanied by a delectable organic floral lollipop with plantable stick. 

(March 2018): Whether you're thinking Oo-what or are an Oo-ficianado, our Oolong box, celebrating the wide variety in traditional oolong teas, is for you.  They're delicious, they're complex, and they're going to up your tea game ten-fold. Accompanied by ceramic tea rest.

(February 2018):  This box is all about love. Love for your self and your body, love for your family, your friends, or your fur babies. 3 handpicked decadent teas that whisper "c'est l'amour!" with every sip.  These elixirs of love are aphrodisiacs for the mind, body, and soul. Accompanied by a carved bamboo tea scoop.

(January 2018) Chock-full of spices and rich warming flavors these three teas are great with milk and sweetener. Accompanied by a box of exquisite, artisanal, dark-chocolate chai-spiced truffles.

(Dec 2017) This selection of teas will warm the belly, heart and spirit. Featuring three amazing tea companies that work to improve the world one cup at a time. Accompanied by an award winning sustainably harvested, single estate honey. 

(November 2017) Three handpicked tea from American tea companies that  celebrate the Harvest Spirit. They are truly Cozy in a cup. Accompanied by a snap handle tea strainer.