Tea Hive Monthly Box

What's in our September box? 

By popular request, we've curated this collection for you featuring a selection of black teas for you to enjoy!  Since the very first black tea was created in 1590 in China, black teas have been vastly popular. Across the world, black tea is prepared in a million different ways, consumed as is, or with milk and sugar. For most of us, our very first introduction to tea was with a black tea,  the origin point for many passionate tea aficionados. This month's collection will showcase three unadulterated, pure, black teas so that you can sample and enjoy the wide range of flavors that origin and preparation methods can create from a single leaf.

The Lineup:

- Wild-foraged & sun-dried Chinese black tea

- Fair-trade Kenyan black tea

- Rainforest-grown Colombian black tea

This month's teas will be accompanied by a hand-carved wooden tea spoon made in Kenya.

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3 exquisite teas = 30+ cups

+ 1 tea accompaniment


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We're buzzed about this month's box and we know you will be too. 

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