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What's in our October box? 

A Blue Moon, the second full moon to occur in a month, only happens, well... from time to time. That big bright, beautiful pizza pie in the sky will be making two appearances this month, and the Blue Moon will land right on Halloween. You can bet we'll be out dancing in the moonlight, howling with wolves, and communing with the spirits, and with a cup of tea in hand the whole time. Only a lunatic comes up with the idea to make a moon-themed tea collection, it's true, but honestly, the teas we've curated this month are some of our absolute favorites. Join us selenophiles for a fun, delightful box that will make your tea shelves glow bright and blue!

The Lineup:

Milky Oolong  
(according to folklore this tea gets its flavor from the tears of the moon who weeps for its lost love.)
Muscatel Black tea
(harvested only on full moon nights by moonlight!)
Bilberry Leaf tea (herbal)
(aka. wild BLUEberry, because its not just any old full moon.)

Teas are accompanied by tealights to enhance your moonlit-tea sipping experience.

3 exquisite teas = 30+ cups

+ 1 tea accompaniment


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This month's box features teas from: 

We're buzzed about this month's box and we know you will be too. 

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