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What's in our September box? 

It is said that the first cup of tea was drunk in 2737 BC by the Emperor of China, Shen Nung. Shen Nung was sitting in his garden next to a pot of water boiling over a fire when a light breeze blew some leaves off of the tree over head. They floated down into his pot and started to steep in the hot water. The water turned a delicate golden color and began to emit a fragrant leafy aroma. When Shen Nung tried this brewed liquid he was pleased by the taste. An herbalist as well as an emperor, Shen Nung further investigated the medicinal and restorative properties. Word spread of his delicious discovery across his empire and eventually the world. 

China is where it all began for Camelia sinensis, and the range  in preparation, style, flavor, and color of  teas produced in the many different regions of China is simply overwhelming. This month we've curated three different Chinese teas to delight both beginner and seasoned tea aficionados! 

The Lineup:

A sampler of Chinese teas to highlight the vast variety in taste and preparation.

Teas are accompanied by a reusable tea-tin.

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3 exquisite teas = 30+ cups

+ 1 tea accompaniment


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This month's box features teas from: 

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