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What's in our September box? 

We all need more than a catnap or fourty-winks stolen amongst restless fretting, and tossing and turning. But not many of us are Rip van Winkle and truly restorative sleep can be a struggle to find. An evening bed-time tea routine is the key to catching some proper Zzzz's. This month we've teamed up with Morpheus, the god of sleep, to bring you a selection of 3 delicious teas that will have you yawning in no time!

Are you ready to hit the hay, yet hive? With one of these boxes, you can rest easy knowing sweet slumber is on its way.

This Month's Collection Includes:

3 restful, dreamy, sleep-supporting herbal teas featuring some of our favorite 'slumberful' (even better than wonderful) herbs including:

zzz Chamomile, lavender, hops, lemon balm, tulsi... zzz

We'll reveal our exact teas throughout the month on facebook and instagram, so make sure you're following us @myteahive

Our three somniferous teas are accompanied by honey so that you have the sweetest of dreams!

3 exquisite teas = 30+ cups

+ 1 tea accompaniment


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This month's box features teas from: 

We're buzzed about this month's box and we know you will be too. 

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