Tea Hive Monthly Box

What's in our August box? 

Tea is life.... that's our motto. This month we're breaking it down to the 4 elements of the universe and enjoying a tea routine based in the components of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Find your inner and outer balance in feeling the heat of the mug in your hands, the steam wafting up and warming your face, sip the nourishing liquid and feel the grounding presence of each and every ingredient grown carefully and cleanly just for you.

This Month's Collection Includes:

EARTH: Elderflower + Mint + Oatstraw + Echinacea  (caffeine-free)

AIR: High-Mountain Grown Taiwanese Oolong (caffeinated)

WATER: Turmeric + Ginger + Bladderwrack Seaweed   (caffeine-free)

FIRE: teas are accompanied by a candle.

3 exquisite teas = 30+ cups

+ 1 tea accompaniment


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This month's box features teas from: 

We're buzzed about this month's box and we know you will be too. 

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