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What's in our July box? 

The deserts are a magical place filled with sand, cacti, camels, and minimal vegetation. When it comes to deserts, we don't normally think of teas, but some of the most unique, delightful herbal teas are enjoyed by the people who  call these arid lands home. This month we're going on another tea-journey to sip some classic desert teas from the Navajo, Saharan, and Arabian deserts. Join us!  No sunscreen required.

The Lineup:

- Navajo Tea from New Mexico (herbal)

-  Hibiscus Lime Cooler from Egypt & Oman (herbal)

- Berber Tea from Morocco (herbal)

+ 1 Tea Accompaniment: TBA

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3 exquisite teas = 30+ cups

+ 1 tea accompaniment


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