Moon Goddess Collection

About the Collection

Moon Goddess is designed to celebrate and support one of the most important aspects of womanhood, menstruation. Three ~1 oz kraft pouches of herbal tea and one informational card are enclosed in hand-stamped eco-friendly and reusable canvas drawstring bags. Contains approximately 30 cups of caffeine-free tea.

Our Teas  

These three herbal teas are made with all the best organic and pure herbs, flowers, and fruits to nourish our bodies during the process of shedding and rebuilding each month. All are caffeine-free.

Waning Moon: for emotional and spiritual support 

Lemon balm, chamomile, oat straw, rose, sage, and lavender

New Moon: to support the physical body and alleviate discomfort 

Raspberry leaf, red clover, turmeric, cinnamon, cacao, pink peppercorn, skullcap, safflower, rose, vanilla rooibos

Waxing Moon: to detoxify and replenish the body

Rooibos, tulsi, hibiscus, acai, lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, Schizandra berries, beetroot, orange peel, mango 

Made by the Best

Herbalism, plant medicine, nutrition, and Chinese Medicine require a deep level of training and experience to be practiced effectively and safely. Moon Goddess is the product of a collaborative project between ourselves and three other fabulous women tea blenders, who have this knowledge and share our passion for simple, soulful, earth-conscious living. We couldn't have done it without them!

Our partners

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What to Know

We believe are teas are delicious and make us feel good. 

The ingredients in our teas are organic and blends are based on nutritional findings, Chinese and Western herbalism practices to support and alleviate symptoms of menstruation. We at Tea Hive are not doctors, our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any medical conditions, please ask your doctor whether these ingredients are right for you. 

Why the Name 'Moon Goddess'?

The moon has held a place of special significance for women since antiquity. Menstruation or Menses is derived from the Latin 'Mensis' for month, taken from the Greek 'Mene', Moon. The moon and the menstrual cycle are the same length of time, and, for many, the cycles of waxing and waning align. Regardless of how and when exactly your cycle ebbs and flows, the cycle of the moon's waxing and waning symbolically reflects the building and shedding of our uterus. 

We don't believe that menstruation has to be a terrible, dreaded part of our lives, nor should it be a taboo, embarrassing, topic of conversation. We say, listen to your body, support it, and embrace that inner Moon Goddess so you can channel the moon's power, light, and beauty into your life.

Where to find this Collection

You can order our teas through our website, via email, or by messaging us on social media.  Our collections are made in small-batches to ensure their freshness so there may occasionally be times when our collection is out of stock because we are replenishing our supplies and preparing new sets. If this is the case we will ship as soon as we are able, usually within 2 weeks.

It is our dream to see Moon Goddess teas in wellness boutiques, mom-and-pop shops, and marketplaces across the country. We welcome your suggestions on potential stockists and encourage you to contact us at: 

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