Our Hive is...

a Global Community making a difference through quality products, sustainable agriculture, fair trade, social initiatives, charity work, transparent supply chains, eco-conscious, slow-living, local-first efforts.

We are humbled to be working alongside such amazing people and believe that everyone should know and support them too.

Our Tea Partners:

Non-Tea Partners

Interested in seeing your products in our box?

Think your product would be a great fit for Tea Hive? We’d love to hear from you. 

We're currently sourcing teas, tea accessories, treats, and other fun goodies for our 2018-2019 boxes. We prefer to work one-on-one with our partners to identify which teas would be the best fit for our boxes. This may be a best seller, a unique find, or a flavor profile to match one of our upcoming current themes. As a member of our hive, your products would reach a new market and clientele through our box and your company would be highlighted both on our website and on our social media outlets.