All about the Hive

Tea Hive, a subscription box company offering a selection of teas and associated products related to the brewing, sipping, and enjoyment of tea. Tea Hive curates themed collections of unique teas that showcase the huge amount of variety in preparation, flavor, presentation, and cultural significance for teas around the world.  Our boxes are for those who don’t have a lot of experience with different types of tea, those who want to know more about tea, or those who simply love all teas and enjoy the surprise of having amazing selections delivered to their door. We seek to offer the best products that our clients might not find on their own. From small-batch to small town, we believe that there are countless tea companies out there that we seek to connect to our clientele. 

We are a hive, a place where drinkers, growers, blenders, and sellers can come together to celebrate and explore where our tea comes from, what we drink it in, and who we drink it with.

What makes us so special?

Life is way too short to drink bad tea, and believe us, there is plenty of it out there. We at Tea Hive don't want you drinking tea that is filled with pesticides or artificial flavors. We also don't believe in buying tea from massive corporations who don't pay their farmers fair wages, who sell mediocre quality teas, and who through demand and over production are destroying tea plants and plantations. There are countless small and local growers, blenders, and purveyors who are creating exceptional artisanal products while giving back to the environment and to communities around the world. By partnering with these suppliers we support their livelihood as well as the whole supply chain. Conscientious shopping is important in its own right, but when we consume quality products made from whole ingredients we feel better, and are able to accomplish goals and realize our dreams. Isn't that what it's all about?

All across the world small, local, and regional tea companies have been growing and blending high quality products. Whether they’ve been around for centuries or just a few months, the variety out there is simply overwhelming. Tea Hive's curated collections  deliver our favorite teas, some famous and others you have never heard of, to your front door.

It's not just tea that we're wild about here at Tea Hive. We're crazy about the whole experience and culture and we aim to share that with our hive. 

Who is the Queen Bee?

An archaeologist by training, Rebecca specializes in studying the relationship between ancient peoples and their environment. She is most fascinated by ancient cuisine and diet, and has conducted research around the world for 10 years. Rebecca found that the best part of her travels was the vast variety of teas and tea rituals that she discovered wherever she went. She constantly collected these new teas (and teawares) bringing them back for family and friends. Rebecca founded Tea Hive in the spring of 2017 to share her passion for discovering high quality, artisanal, and unique tea with others. 

Rebecca doesn't have a favorite tea, (there are too many to choose from) although she hasn't met a rose flavored tea she didn't like. She loves to drink what the locals are drinking, and thanks to a growing community of tea lovers and vendors that she calls her 'Hive' this includes a never-ending variety from around the globe. 

Tea is absolutely more than just Camelia Sinensis. Rebecca doesn't spend much time distinguishing Tisanes from Tea, instead choosing to discover and consume all hot brewed plant-based infusions with reckless abandon. As such, Tea Hive seeks to honor and share Rebecca's excitement for discovery. She strongly believes that there is a tea (or two! or four!) for everyone, and that anyone who says they don't like tea simply hasn't tried the good stuff.

Curious about our past box themes and selections?